Bachelor’s degree in Service Engineering

  • Job opportunities at an international level.
  • Enables the direction and management of service companies and their organisational departments (tourism, Banks, IT, facilities or any other sector).
  • Interdisciplinary teaching staff with considerable experience, and the collaboration of companies of international renown from various sectors (IBM, EULEN, Melia, BBVA, etc).

Employability in the Services Sector

A widespread and growing sector

  • 63%

    The service sector has, in recent years, been responsible for the employment of an average of around 63% of the population at a worldwide level.

  • 80%

    This figure reaches 80% in territories such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, the United States or the United Kingdom.

  • 65%

    65% of the Spanish population has been contracted by the service sector since the year 2000.

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[2] Source: The European Union Office of Statistics:
[3] Source: The Spanish National Statistics Institute:
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What is Service Engineering?

Service Engineering is the engineering of Industry 4.0, which is an intelligent, digital industry based principally on services, in which the key and distinctive element is user satisfaction. Service Engineering is focussed on the conception, design, construction, operation, maintenance and management of services throughout their entire lifecycle: from their conception to the after-sales service.

More information

Service Engineering is the holistic and trans-disciplinary combination of three large groups of knowledge and abilities:

  • negocio


    Business organisation, operations management, economy, law, among others.

  • tecnologia


    Mathematics, programming, information management, service technology, Business Intelligence, etc.

  • humanidades


    History of services, communication skills, teamwork, emotional intelligence, leadership, languages, sociology, among others.

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