Privacy Policy

Registration of files and forms

  • The personal data obtained will be stored in a Database belonging to the Service Engineering Community in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. The security of your data is guaranteed owing to the security measures taken to protect them.
  • The purpose of these data is to keep you informed about the latest news in the Service Engineering Community and to send you any information that you may request.
  • The Service Engineering Community provides its users with the appropriate technical resources that will, a priori, allow them to access this notice regarding the Privacy Policy or any other relevant information. These resources will also allow users to provide their consent with the objective of dealing with their personal data. Unless otherwise stated, the answers to questions involving the provision of personal data will be provided on a voluntary basis and any refusal to answer them will not imply a reduction in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services unless otherwise indicated.


Accurateness and Veracity of the data provided

  • Users must, in all cases, guarantee and be responsible for the accurateness, up-to-date nature and authenticity of the personal data provided, and undertake to maintain them updated as appropriate.
  • The Service Engineering Community will not be held responsible for the veracity of any information that is not of its own creation and that has been obtained from another source, and will not, therefore, assume responsibility for any hypothetical damage that may result from the use of that information.
  • The Service Engineering Community reserves the right to update, modify or eliminate the information contained on its websites and may even limit or prohibit the access to that information.
  • The Service Engineering Community will be exonerated from the responsibility for any damage or detriment that the user may experience as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions as regards the information provided, always supposing that the information in question has been obtained from sources other than the Service Engineering Community.

This notice serves to provide users with information regarding the Service Engineering Community’s portal concerning its protection policy for data of a personal nature, such that users may freely and voluntarily determine whether they wish to facilitate those personal data that may be required or that may be obtained with the intention of accessing or using the Web. The Service Engineering Community reserves the right to modify this policy in order to adapt it to any legislative or legal changes, in which case the changes made will be published on this page within a reasonable amount of time of their being put into practice.

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