We create knowledge

We work on two types of projects:

  • Research with companies and public administrations: we collaborate in the search for solutions in the sphere of services. colaboramos en la búsqueda de soluciones para el ámbito de los servicios.
  • Basic research: carried out by means of research projects financed by public or private organisms and which allows us to work on the creation and definition of the theoretical-practical principles that control the behaviour of services at all levels of the lifecycle.

In various teams

Conocimiento e investigación

What value does our research provide?

  • We assist companies in the creation and design of services by providing methodologies, processes and artefacts that ease and improve their work.
  • We facilitate digital transformation in the service environment by providing tools for the integration of ITs into the sphere of companies.
  • We improve users’ experiences by helping companies to reorient or rethink certain aspects of their organisations (strategies, objectives, functions) in order to enable them to employ service thinking and approaches.
  • We speed up the construction and deployment of services in organisations by providing tools/techniques for the entire lifecycle of services.
  • We assist in the study and definition of standards for the service sphere. Asistimos en el estudio y la definición de estándares para el ámbito de los servicios.

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